Sharkdom’s Terms & Conditions


The following Service Terms apply to Customer to the extent the specific Service is included in the applicable ordering document. Sharkdom may update these Service Terms from time to time. Sharkdom reserves the right to upgrade, update or discontinue any aspect or feature of a Service in whole or in part; provided, however, that if Sharkdom discontinues a Service in whole during the term of an ordering document, then Sharkdom will provide Customer with an alternative or replacement service.


Sharkdom would be governing behaviour of estabished partnerships and collaborations and would be reliable for nay dispute if the party’s proposal and MOU is generated inside the platform only. For any outside partnerships or partially inside partnerships Sharkdom would not be responsible for any dispute. In case of eligibility for partnerships both the parties in this case “Startups” are validated except college startups for which flag is shown under addititional details section.