Refund Policy

Under the laws applicable in your jurisdiction, you may qualify for a refund. For example, if you’re using our services for yourself (instead of on behalf of a business):

  • If you comes under our college startup partnered e-cell program, we’ll cancel your subscription with a one-month notice and refund any part of your subscription period remaining.

  • Startups of the India that does not comes under our college program are entitled to a full refund during the 14 days after the subscription begins.

    Note: This 14-day period begins when the subscription service starts. For example, if you signed up for a one-month free trial, the period begins on the first day of your free trial, so there will be no fees paid as a refund.

  • If you made a purchase using direct debit, you’re entitled to a refund from your bank under the terms and conditions of your agreement with your bank. A direct debit refund must be claimed within eight weeks starting from the date on which your account was debited.

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