Technicalities inPartnerships

Finding Partnerships have never been easier before, We use Ecosystem Led Growth to grow the businesses by using Result Driven Engaging approach with lesser technicalities.


EXPAND your Partner Network at ZERO cost

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have a proposal for ‘agile’! Up for a Co-Marketing partnership?

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clarify responsibility of Agile

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ok, offering from intersync

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let’s go for joint referral programIntersync X Agile


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Let's grow together

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COO of Agile

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Did you know?

Rate of establishing a partnership is :

5x output


Average time saved in partnership process

5x output0


Higher rate of finding Ideal
Partner for your Startup

5x output0


Increase in revenue
& signups

Sharkdom's Features


Find your Ideal

Expand your Partner Network by finding right partner from pool of 1900+ startups using dozens of filter’s

Find qualified partners on Sharkdom
Find qualified partners on Sharkdom


Create Joint Referral Program

Grow your user’s and get leads by sharing referral program to your active partners


Introducing Smart Partnerships

Use AI generated proposals to keep your research on your upcoming partner to minimal with factual offers and expectations

Find qualified partners on Sharkdom
Find qualified partners on Sharkdom


Platform generated MOU’s

MOU would automatically be generated and co-signed by your upcoming partner on partnership establishment

How it works?

Step 1

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Find Right Partners

Using 10's of filters choose your Ideal Partner depending on your end-goal

Step 2

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Generate Proposal

Use Sharkdom’s Smart Partnerships solution to generate best proposal

Step 3

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Wait for Acknowlegment

Decreasing waiting period from weeks to hours

Step 4

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Clarify Terms

Clarify terms via our In-House meeting solution, Partner valve Room & other tools

Step 5

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Co-Sign MOU

Our platform would be generatign the final MOU & having it signed by both parties

Step 6

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Create Joint Referral Program

Create shout-out program, referral program and get new signups via your partner network

Comparison between traditional method vs Sharkdom

Sharkdom method of partnership
Traditional method of partnership

More features for your Startup

7+ type of partnerships

Create partnership for all startup need

  • strategic partnership on sharkdom
  • Brand partnership
  • Sales partnership
  • Community partnership
  • Co-marketing partnership
  • Technology partnership

1000+ Verified startups

Real startups, real founders

verified startups on sharkdom
one click AI proposals on sharkdom

1-click proposals

Create proposals using AI

Sign MOU hassle free

Get MOU signed with magic links, no signup required

Sign MOU hassle free on sharkdom

Negotiate faster

Spam free inbox, Autoreply bot, clarify proposal terms, automatic meetings

user chat avatarspam free inbox
bot chat avatarauto reply bot
user chat avatarclarify proposal terms in inbox

Here’s what other founders are saying

Sharkdom made it really streamline for us to reach out to other players in the world of AI especially to those tech which serves non-tech customers which want AI solutions without code and We could not have expected anything more then partnering with these players. Our website traffic became 30% more then before within first month of partnering with 2 tech startups.

Nandkumar Mane

When we earlier started our journey of automating SAAS solutions we end up using all tactics in the book of ethics to reach out to the needed but Sharkdom's solution of walking through other startups which provide to same market as we do made it easy for us to expand. We are conversing with more users to integrate our solution to their platform


Building Stronger startup partnerships across India.

a few of our stats from the past year that we're proud of.








Company growth

Join 100+ startups networking on Sharkdom

Start for Free

Choose a plan that suits your Startup needs

Suggested for Early Traction Startups

Best for early traction startups

  • Upto 1 partnerships
  • Upto 1 Smart AI proposals
  • Personalized Recommendations
Suggested for Early Stage Startups

Best for mid stage startups

  • Upto 2 partnerships
  • Upto 2 Smart AI proposals
  • Personalized Recommendations
Suggested for Growth Phase Startups

Best for scaling stage startups in initial phase

  • Upto 5 partnerships
  • Upto 5 Smart AI proposals
  • Partnership navigator bot (Limited access)
  • Partner valve room
  • Customized reports
  • Book premium meetings with partners
  • Premium resources

14 days free trial

Suggested for Scaling Phase Startups

Best for scaling stage startups

  • Unlimited partnerships
  • Upto 20 Smart AI proposals
  • Everything in premium, plus:
  • Partnership navigator bot
  • Quarterly check-ins
  • Access to compatible partner network

14 days free trial

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