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Sharkdom helps you build, grow and scale your startups by partnering you with perfect startups for your needs. also get access to our pool of investors and companies to scale your startup faster.

Scale faster with sharkdom

One stop solution for partnerships

Virtual Relationship Manager for your Startups

Create & Share MOUs
Generate MOUs and share them with your partners. You can also create templates to reuse them for future collaborations.
Collab Bridge
Dedicated portal for startups to draft their partnership proposals including resources for best practices.
Collabora Form
share feedback forms to your partnered communities to gain access to untapped market giving more scope of expansion at hyper growth.
Sign and maintain versions of MOU's
Manage terms of your partnerships midway using our easy to use inbuilt doc signer valid both inside and outside our platform
Partnership Liason
Get our specially trained AI bot to act as the partnership manager for your startup.
Collaborative tools
Get access to our collaborative tools to verify authenticity of shared links, resources, success rate of your partnership proposals and more.
Performance Tracking
Get realtime performance insights of all your feedback forms or polls right in your dashboard.
Alliance Manager
Get a dedicated alliance manager to resolve dispute with your partner on your behalf

Traditional Way of Partnering

New partner in
10+ Days

Day 1

Find Decision Maker's Email

1 Day
Day 2

Send a Partnership proposal

1 Day
Day 3-6

Waiting for Acknowledgment

91% fail to ackowledge
4 Days
Day 7-9

Meet to discuss terms + Negotiation

3 Days
Day 10-11

MOU Signing

2 Days
Day 12

Partnership initiates

1 Day

Sharkdom's Way of Partnering

New partner in
2 Days

Day 1-2

In house Proposals
MOU signing

48 Hours
Day ZERO of partnership


Invest time on what matters - Your Startup!

Partnership Navigator for your Startup

A Dedicated Mediators & Facilitator for your Startup making sure both parties abide by the agreement.

Funding was never and would never be something that a startup would depend on especially those yet to achieve scaling phase. partnering with relevant startups is a solution and We are your dedicated mediators and facilitators for your agreement

Proposal Playground

Generate partnership proposals with ease using AI.

Our AI-powered proposal generator helps you create partnership proposals in minutes tailored to your startup's partnership needs.

Trusted by 5000+ startups

Sharkdom made it really streamline for us to reach out to other players in the world of AI especially to those tech which serves non-tech customers which want AI solutions without code and We could not have expected anything more then partnering with these players. Our website traffic became 30% more then before within first month of partnering with 2 tech startups.

Nandkumar Mane

When we earlier started our journey of automating SAAS solutions we end up using all tactics in the book of ethics to reach out to the needed but Sharkdom's solution of walking through other startups which provide to same market as we do made it easy for us to expand. We are conversing with more users to integrate our solution to their platform


Building Stronger startup partnerships across India.

a few of our stats from the past year that we're proud of.








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Best for early traction startups

  • 1 Collaboration included
  • Parntership Navigator
  • Priority partnerships
  • Personalised recommendations
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Best for early stage startups

  • 2 Collaboration Included
  • Customized Parntership Navigator
  • Priority partnerships
  • Personalised recommendations
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Best for scaling phase startups

  • All standard benefits
  • Priority Partnerships
  • Personalised Recommendations
  • Partnership Liaison
  • Dedicated Alliance Manager
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Best for scaling phase startups.

  • All premium benefits
  • Priority Partnerships
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Partnership liaison
  • Dedicated alliance manager
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No Sharkdom is for all types of startups which have crossed the ideation stage.

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