Caratlane Case Study

Caratlane Case Study

One must have seen Caratlane, A TanishQ Partnership as their showcaser.

Who exactly is Caratlane trying to Promote, Tanishq or just using it's brand name for its own growth?

You must have seen Billboards of Caratlane, which is an online retailer of gold and diamond jewellery, even though they have raised money from US based hedge fund they still use Indian Company name to improve their market stance.

Let's first understand theNature of this partnership:

Titan is the parent company of Tanishqwhich has majority stake in Caratlane, although later started in 2008 with not completely online but Titan did acquired its majority stake in 2016, now the question arises when tanishq was added to this brand's showcasing and why?

Both these brands works independently without any doubt but they does share's each others logistics and technology.

Why this partnership could have taken place at first place?

Titan is a very old watch manufacturing company so it has its fare share in manufacturing and retail industry so Caratlane could use their supply chain channels whereas In Return Titan can grow into younger audience as mostly older audience are more hooked on Titan Products, Caratlane is online platform so getting its sales insight could come handy too.

Although the terms of this partnership is not public but using TanishQ brand's name onto one's own brand seems to be working for them.