Case Study on Strategic Partnership b/w Google Maps & India’s ONDC

Case Study on Strategic Partnership b/w Google Maps & India’s ONDC

Google Maps and India's ONDC have come together to revolutionize our metro travel experience.

We would be taking account this venture as Case Study with our perception added to it.

The crunchy part – Google's been eyeing the Indian market, and they know the real power lies in meeting our daily needs.

Metro ticket bookings? That's just the beginning.

ONDC, on the other hand, gets a boost too.

With Google's vast user base, they're reaching heights in digital commerce.

It's a win-win – Google gains your trust, and ONDC expands its digital commerce empire!

This means more users, more engagement, and potentially a lifeline for Google Maps in a market where it faces some challenges.

Imagine this - soon, through the power of collaboration, you'll be able to book your metro tickets directly through Google Maps!

But why are these two powerhouse brands joining forces?

Let's put our perception onto this"

Earlier this year, Google and ONDC launched an accelerator program, providing a grant and valuable resources for organizations entering the open network,

but it's not just about the money, it's about making things easier for Indians especially those audience which cannot use smartphones as today's generation does.

Google introduced a hackathon and AI tools to empower startups in the digital commerce space.

Quote from Sanjay Gupta, Google India

"Partnerships are at the heart of this effort.

Google will collaborate deeply with stakeholders, including the government, startups, and public infrastructure, to make this a reality"

Interestingly, WhatsApp also stepped into the metro ticket booking arena.

The competition is heating up, and the winners? Well, that could be you

ONDC is still not accepted by many 'Bharatiya' due to various factors such as lesser discount more delivery charges, but if metropolitan cities like Delhi, noida comprising of metros have this booking system built inside their apps their active users would increase thereby leading to more people using ONDC as e-com thereby affecting Indian e-com like Flipkart and Amazon.

Now would this partnership be beneficial to google, the parent company for google maps in any way, it does seems that way till now but with recent updates in google maps making it less accurate could ticketing system really depends on google maps or should any other Indian Service such as MapmyIndia be used with more precision.

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