Accelerated with Sharkdom.

Sharkdom for Startups Incubators & Accelerators serves Early Stage startups with tailored technical, growth, leadership training & leveraging Partnership from Sharkdomer's.

Our Incubation Partners

We partner with leading companies to help you scale your startup.

Key Benefits

Get access to a wide range of benefits to help you build and grow your startup.


2 months of equity-free support.

Diverse Mentorship

Receive tailored product and leadership support from Google mentors and industry experts

Tech Credits

Receive upto $200,000 worth of tech credits for OVhCloud & IBM

Letter of Recommendation

Get Letter Of Recommendation from us to increase your chances to join other startups looking for co-founders

Founder Network

Connect and learn from fellow founders, and access a peer-to-peer support network.

Brand-licensing partnership

Use Sharkdom's Name to spread awareness of your Startup on completing mentorship programme

Join our Mentorship program

Learn how to leverage partnerships to scale your startup with our insightful mentorship program.

Leveraging partnerships

Apply your startup for IBM and OVHCloud Tech Credits worth~200,000$

To Be Noted

Entry Criteria

Building a scalable product or service using “partnerships” as base.

Have an MVP or product ready Startup irrespective of its stage.

Have atleast 2 members working on the startup with atleast 1 working 24x7.

Frequently Asked Questions

No.It is not mandatory for you to have a registered company to apply for incubation support. However, for some of our funding programs having a registered for-profit company might be mandatory